Independence Declaration of Ireland

Topics: Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Sinn Féin Pages: 4 (1317 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Irish Declaration of Independence


CENTRO ASOCIADO: Gregorio Marañón.

Asignatura: Mundos Anglófonos en Perspectiva Histórico Cultural.

P E C : Nº1

DATE: 14 de Noviembre 2012

This Document is a Historical Narrative type, it was established by the Dáil Éireann (Irish Assembly) the 21 of January of 1919, at its first meeting in the Mansion house (the official residence of the lord Mayor) in Dublin, its main objective was to declare the condition of complete freedom for the Irish People, to repudiate the military occupation of English troops and also to state the independence of the Republic of Ireland. It was written both in English and in Irish Gaelic, it was also adopted in French.

This document can be considered as the achievement of the hard struggle carried out by the Irish people while trying to obtain the complete independence from Britain possession.

The Irish People have been suffering for years the occupation of English government by force and fraud; British forces have been keeping a military occupation of the country against the will of the Irish people. Irish people have always dreamed of being independent, re-establish its rights as an autonomous country and having a national polity based in their own resolution with equal rights and opportunities for all citizens, as well as establish justice and provide defense and insure peace for all.

Let´s take a closer look to the facts that has led Ireland become an independent society.

Previous to this moment, back in 1916, Irish rebels participated in what was called the Easter Rising or Easter Rebellion, their aim was to end the British control and to establish the Irish Republic, the rising lasted 7 days and its leaders were executed.

This Rising was organized by the IRB (Irish Republican Brotherhood), and it took place in Dublin, having as...
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