Increase of Tuition

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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DeAndre Gaines
Clay Stevens
English 1320
4 March 2013

Current Event: Increase of Tuition Every Year

With an increasing unemployment rate, a degree is required within the work force. Even though many people obtain a degree, this leaves many people debt slaves to banks and the government. Tuitions at private colleges and universities have been rising by thousands of dollars every year. As the price for college increases, fewer students every year are able to finance the colleges of their choice. Many do not have the opportunity of sitting on a full-ride scholarship or their parents paying for their college. Millions of young adults have to make financial decisions to invest in their careers and futures every day. Using a Marxist perspective, I will evaluate the social issues caused by this high cost, such as the neglect of the middle class, unfair distribution of Financial Aid, continuation of unemployment, and high student dropout rates.

The rising cost of college is nothing less than a crisis for Americas middle class families. The government places the middle class on a higher scale than the others and leaves these families worst off. I never understood why the middle class have it worst when funding college until I was trying to find money. My parents income combined together are both in the middle class but they have no money for me to go to college. Their not going to spend almost a third of the their income on me to go to school when they have bills to pay and I have other siblings. So you would think the government would help out when they have billions of dollars to give out for college. Instead they give out loans and only a small portion which causes you to not qualify for pell – grants and loose out on other money that requires financial need. This leads many student’s to having to take out private loans which puts them and their parents in jeopardy. When this problem occurs high school student’s are not able to go to the college that...
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