In N Out Business Model and History

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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In fast-food corporate America In-N-Out Burger has always remained family-owned. It had no stockholders to respond to and was able to invest in maintaining high standards of quality. Unlike its competitors the chain, with 258 stores presently, is able to retain its constant growth in sales, even in times of recession. The company strongly believes in the importance of highly motivated staff that identifies with the chain’s values and gives them the opportunity to advance. By providing above-average wages, social benefits and other perks In-N-Out pays tribute to the importance of their associates. The foundation of a company-owned university guarantees extraordinarily-trained personnel that internalizes the „customer is everything“-philosophy. The own distribution system with private butchers and warehouses ensures the unique quality and freshness of all products. They are exclusively delivered to stores in a 500 miles range to avoid the need of freezing the food. All In-N-Out suppliers are chosen in a long-term procedure. Stores are squeaky clean, equipped with open kitchens, where everything is made to order. In-N-Out‘s extremely loyal customer base appreciates the chain’s transparency, the menu‘s simplicity, the fair prices and the employee’s friendliness. They spread their satisfaction via word-of-mouth, which saves special marketing strategies. An opportunity for the chain is the growing quality consciousness among the society. People are willing to pay more for higher food standards. Since there is such a high demand for In-N-Out and the company’s profit is constantly increasing, the chain is in a perfect position to expand. Although In-N-Out has a great market position, there nevertheless are certain deficits like the long waiting times and the lack of variety in the menu. Moreover the chain’s competitors started to adapt to the new standard of quality, which is a big threat for In-N-Out.

In-N-Out Burger was founded in 1948 by Harry and...
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