Imt 101 Assignment

Topics: Computer network, Ethernet, OSI model Pages: 7 (2478 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Subject Code: IMT-101
Subject Name : NETWORKING Objectives
This course will enable a student to successfully: Design and analyze network technologies to meet enterprise needs. Identifying challenges and issues that are part of telecom industry Speak telecom “language” within the industry Content: Topics Overview of Computer Network Network as resource LAN MAN and WAN Network Reference Model OSI Model Protocol hierarchy, interface and Services TCP/IP Reference Model Data Communication Techniques of data communication Tools and devices of data communication High speed data access Network Architecture and Protocols Protocols in LAN Connection oriented vs. Connection less Data switching vs. packet switching Wireless and Mobile Networks VSAT based satellite network Wireless network Broadband network and ATM Telecommunication Fundamentals Principles of integration of Telecom Management Systems Network Surveillance and Service Assurance Performance Management Network Traffic Management Telecom Policy and Standards Telecom Policy in India Relevant Management Standards and Guidelines from ITU, ETSI, Tele Management Forum Network Security Securing Intranet, Extranet and Internet Security tools and techniques VoIP Using VoIP in Business Communication design and architecture of VoIP Main Reading :


IMT Study Material (SIM)
Additional Readings 1. Panko, Raymond R., Business Data Communications and Networking, Third Edition, June 2000, Prentice Hall. Networking & Telecom Management ..................... Page 1 of 5 ............................................................................. IMT-101

a. b. c. d. Write answers in your own words as far as possible and refrain from copying from the text books/handouts. Answers of Ist Set (Part-A), IInd Set (Part-B), IIIrd Set (Part – C) and Set-IV (Case Study) must be sent together. Mail the answer sheets alongwith the copy of assignments for evaluation & return. Only hand written assignments shall be accepted. 5 Questions, each question carries 1 marks. 5 Questions, each question carries 1 marks. 5 Questions, each question carries 1 marks. Confine your answers to 150 to 200 Words. Two Case Studies : 5 Marks. Each case study carries 2.5 marks.

A. First Set of Assignments: B. Second Set of Assignments: C. Third Set of Assignments: D. Forth Set of Assignments:

1. (a) Give an Advantage/Disadvantage for each type of Network Topology? (b) What are some of the factors that determine whether a communication system is a LAN, WAN, MAN? (c) Describe the functions of a Bridge, switch, Router,Gateway. 2. (a) How does Token Ring LAN Operates? (b) Group the OSI layers by function. (c) List two advantages and two Disadvantages of having international standards for internet protocol? 3. (a) Explain the following: TCP, UDP, ITU, ETSI. (b) List two ways in which the OSI reference model and the TCP/IP reference model are the same? Now list two ways in which they differ (c) Explain the type of cables briefly? Among them which cables can transmit data at high speeds? 4. (a) What is the Principal difference between connectionless communication and connection oriented communication? (b) Write shorts notes on following: ATM, MODULATION, VSAT. 5. (a) What is the Difference between Data Switching and Packet Switching (b) Explain the following Analog- to- Digital Conversion  Digital- to -Analog Conversion  Analog- to -Analog Conversion

1. A large population of ALOHA users manage to generate 50 requests/sec., including both originals and retransmissions. Time is slotted in units of 40 msec. i. What is the chance of success on first attempt? ii. What is the probability of exactly K collisions and then a success? iii. What is the expected number of transmission attempts needed? 2. (a) What are the two categories of encryption and decryption methods? What is the main difference between the categories? (b) Describe the structure of an...
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