Import Procedures

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ACC:Assistant Commissioner of Custom
ACU:Asian Clearing Union
AEZ:Agri Export Zone
ANF:Aayaat Niryaat Form
ARO:Advance Release Order
BG :Bank Guarantee
BOA:Board of Approval
BOT:Board of Trade
BRC:Bank Realization Certificate
BTP:Bio Technology Park
CBEC:Central Board of Excise and Custom
CCP:Custom Clearance Permit
CEA:Central Excise Authority
CEC:Chartered Engineer Certificate
CIF:Cost Insurance & Freight
COD:Cash on Delivery
CoO:Certificate of Origin
CVD:Countervailing Duty
DA :Document against Acceptance
DoBT:Department of Bio Technology
DC:Development Commissioner
DEPB:Duty Entitlement Pass Book Scheme
DFRC:Duty Free Replenishment Certificate
DGFT:Director General of Foreign Trade
DoC:Department of Commerce
DoE:Department of Electronics
DoIT:Department of Information Technology
DoR:Department of Revenue
DoT:Department of Tourism
DTA:Domestic Tariff Area
EDI:Electronic Data Interchange
EFT:Electronic Fund Transfer
EH:Export House
EHIP:Electronic Hardware Technology Park
EIC:Export Inspection Council
EO:Export Obligation
EOU:Export Oriented Unit
EPC:Export Promotion Council

EPCG:Export Promotion Capital Goods
FDI:Foreign Direct Investment
FIEO:Federation of Indian Export Organisation
FIRC:Foreign Exchange Inward Remittance Certificate
FOB:Free of Board
FT:Foreign Trade
FTP:Foreign Trade Policy
GATS:General Agreement on Trade in Services
ICD:Inland Container Depot
IEC:Import Export Code
ITC(HS):Indian Trade Classification (Harmonised System)
Classification for Export & Import Items
MDA:Market Development Assistance
MoD:Ministry of Defence
MoF:Ministry of Finance
NOC:No objection Certificate
PRC:Policy Relaxation Certificate
R&D:Research and Development
RA:Regional Authority
RBI:Reserve Bank of India
RCMC:Registration-cum-Membership Certificate
S/B:Shipping Bill
SEH:Star Export House
SEZ:Special Economic Zone
SION:Standard Input Output Norms
SSI:Small Scale Industry
STH:Star Trading House
STP:Software Technology Park
TH:Trading House
TRQ:Tariff Rate Quota
VA :Value Addition
VKGUY:Vishesh Krishi And Gram Udyog Yojana


Classes of officers of customs: There shall be the following classes of officers of customs, namely:-

➢ Chief Commissioner of Customs
➢ Commissioner of Customs
➢ Commissioner of Customs (Appeals)
➢ Joint Commissioner of Customs
➢ Deputy Commissioners of Customs
➢ Assistant Commissioners of Customs
➢ Such other class of officers of customs as may be appointed for the purposes of this act.


While finalizing the terms of import contract, the importer should be fully conversant with the mode of pricing and the manner of payment for the imports.

As regards mode of pricing, the overseas supplier should quote the terms prevailing in international trade. The importer for his benefit should also know the meaning of these terms to avoid ambiguity in interpretation of the same.

International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, has given detailed definition of few standard terms popularly known as “INCOTERMS” and these terms have universal acceptance.

➢ Ex- Works (EXW):-

➢ “Ex-Works” means that the seller’s responsibility is to make the goods available to the buyer at works or factory. The full cost and risk involved in bringing the goods from this place to the desired destination will be born by the buyer. This term thus represents the minimum obligation for the seller. It is mostly used for sale of plantation commodities such as tea, coffee and cocoa.

➢ Free Carrier (FCA):-

➢ “Free Carrier” means the seller’s obligations...
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