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Topics: Classical conditioning, Operant conditioning, Marketing Pages: 12 (2431 words) Published: October 30, 2012
What is IMC and what is the purpose of it?
Coordination/integration of all mktg comm.. tools/channels/sources within company into seamless program using minimal cost Maximizes impact on all relevant internal/external audiences Purpose generate ST financial returns and build LT brand value The Promotional Mix

Paid form of non-personal communication
Direct Marketing
Direct mail, catalogs, telemarketing, etc.
Interactive/Internet Marketing
Back and forth- users participate and modify in real time
Sales Promotion
Deals to increase brand loyalty
Controls image of brand by trying to manage publicity and information distributed through it Publicity Tools cause related events, event sponsorship, publicity vehicles Publicity Vehicles news releases, feature articles, press conferences, special events Personal Selling

Publicity vs. Advertising
* | * Advertising| * Publicity|
* Control| * Great| * Little|
* Credibility| * Little| * Higher|
* Reach| * Measurable| * Undetermined|
* Frequency| * Scheduled| * Undetermined|
* Cost| * High/specified| * Low/unspecified|
* Flexibility| * High| * Low|
* Timing| * Specified| * Tentative|

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
5 Levels:
Breathing, food, sex, etc
Shelter, job, health, etc.
Friends, family, sexual intimacy
Self esteem, confidence, achievement, respect by/for others
Self Actualization
Moral, creative, spontaneous
Identify need of consumer product appeals to and use in advertising promo Functional vs. Psychological Benefits/Consequences of Purchasing a Product Functional how product performs/functions for intended purpose Psychological how product will make them feel or satisfy a need Example: Lawnmower

Functional= how short it cuts, gas mileage
Psychological= how neighbors will judge when they see it in use Need vs. Opportunity
Need ideal state is at a normal level that actual state is at and actual state is extremely low Opportunity actual state is at normal level and ideal is much higher Purchase gives the chance to move up actual with ideal

Components of Semiotics
Object/Product Interpretant/Meaning Sign/Image (back to object/product) How object is interpreted and the sign that signifies that meaning and how it is then connected to the object through a semiotic relationship Ex. Marlboro Cigarettes Rugged American Cowboy

Types of Alternative Sets
Evoked Set subset of the brands the consumer is aware of after reducing options to manageable level Retrieval Set brands readily remembered
Prominent products in environment
Inert Set brands aware of, but not interested in purchasing
Inept Set brands aware of, think poorly of, but use as source in information search Multiattribute Model
Ab=(Σn) Bi x Ei
Ab= attitude towards brand
n= # attributes considered
i= attribute i
Bi= beliefs of brands p’formance on i
Ei= importance attached to i
Attitude is determined by beliefs on performance of the attribute and importance of that attribute To change their attitude on a brand/competing brand change their belief on attribute and their perception of the value of that attribute and add a new attribute to the mix. Classical Conditioning vs. Operant Conditioning vs. Psychoanalytic Research Classical Conditioning (Association) using an unconditioned stimulus to generate an unconditioned response which eventually becomes a conditioned response to a conditioned stimulus Pavlov’s Dog

Operant Conditioning (Instrumental) behavior is followed by a positive or negative consequence which determines probability of behavior reoccurring Use positive reinforcement to encourage behavior

Psychoanalytic Research (Freud) motivation to purchase is determined deep in subconscious mind Need qualitative research- in depth interviews, focus groups, etc. Source Attributes
Ability to reward or punish...
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