Ib Chemistry Lab Report Guide

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IB Guide to Writing Lab Reports
Standard and Higher Level Chemistry 2010-2011

Table of Contents

page 1

Explanations, Clarifications, and Handy Hints

page 2 - 13

IB Laboratory Evaluation Rubric

page 14 - 15

Formal Lab Report Format

page 16

Error Analysis
Types of Experimental Errors

page 17

Error Analysis: Some Key Ideas

page 18

Precision and Accuracy in Measurements
A Tale of Four Cylinders
Assessment of Errors and Uncertainties in
IB Lab Reports
Explaining Terms and Concepts in Error Analysis

page 19 - 20
page 21

Mathematics of Evaluating Accuracy and Precision

page 26 - 27

Rejection of Data

page 28

More Examples of Propagating Error

page 29 - 31

page 22 - 25

Typical Instrumental Uncertainties

page 32

Checklist for Writing IB Lab Reports

page 33 - 34

Please read carefully and keep this handy reference for future use in writing exemplary lab reports. Page 1

IB Guide to Writing Laboratory Reports
Explanations, Clarifications, and Handy Hints
The nature of science is to investigate the world around you. An inquiring mind is essential to science. Experiments are designed by curious minds to gain insight into wonder-producing phenomena. Hopefully, this process of designing experiments, doing experiments, thinking about experimental results, and writing lab reports will tremendously benefit YOU!

IB Chemistry is the challenge you have chosen. Congratulations! IB learners strive to be: 


* the IB learner profile

This process will challenge your thinking skills more than you can imagine. We need to emphasize again and again; all of this work is about YOU growing as a student. In addition, we invest valuable time into lab experiences because we all LIKE doing lab experiments! Hands-on learning opportunities are engaging and rewarding. Laboratory experiments are about thinking and doing and thinking some more. "I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember.
I do and I understand."
-- Confucius

* see page 32 for more Confucius quotes

The International Baccalaureate program values the laboratory as an integral part of learning chemistry. Your lab portfolio will comprise 24% of your official IB grade. Your teachers also value the lab and designate 30% of each marking period grade to be based on your lab experiences. So, lab is BIG.

IB has designated particular criteria to be included in a formal lab report, and each criterion has distinct aspects that will be evaluated. Not all lab reports in IB Chemistry will be “formal” lab reports, and not all “formal” lab reports will be assessing all of the designated criteria. We will pace the expectations of the course to keep your workload manageable. We do appreciate your time. This Guide will help you understand the IB requirements and maximize your learning.

Page 2

Specific Points Graded for Each Lab Report Criteria
Design: D
 Defining the Problem
 Controlling variables
 Developing a method for collection of data
Data Collection and Processing: DCP
 Recording Raw Data
 Processing Raw Data
 Presenting Raw Data
Conclusion and Evaluation: CE
 Concluding
 Evaluating Procedure(s)
 Improving the Investigation

Aspect 1
Defining the Problem



Formulates a focused
problem / research question
and identifies the relevant
Formulates a problem /
research question that is
incomplete or identifies only
some relevant variables.
Does not identify a problem /
research question and does
not identify any relevant

Aspect 2
Controlling Variables
Designs a method for the
effective control of the

Aspect 3
Developing a Method for
Collection of Data
Develops a method...
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