Iaps Exam Notes

Topics: Psychology, Classical conditioning, Behaviorism Pages: 3 (649 words) Published: October 13, 2012
IAPS Final Exam
Chapter 1:
Social Science: the study of people as individuals and as members of groups such as families, tribes and communities.

Research methods: Case studies, experiments, sample surveys, interviews, observations (unstructured and structured, participant observation [used mainly by anthropologists] )

Chapter 2:
Physical anthropology:
-Darwin: evolution , natural selection
-Raymond Dart: skull = Australopithecus africanus
-Louis and Mary Leakey: earliest human beings lived in Africa -Donald Johanson: Lucy
Primates: opposable thumbs, 3D/binocular vision, high developed brain, aggression, territory Jane Goodall
Unique human characteristics: bipedalism (ability to walk upright over long distances and perform tasks while moving) ; complex/written language

Cultural anthropology:
Culture: the learned behaviours, beliefs, attitudes, values, and ideals of a particular society or population. Margaret Mead: Nature vs Nurture (supported nurture)

ethnocentrism: tendency to judge other cultures by one’s own values (eg. Looking at another culture as strange or inferior) cultural relativism: respect and acceptance of other cultures •Archaeology

Applied anthropology
Anthropological linguistics

Chapter 3:
Psychology: the scientific study of behaviour and metal processes, and the factors that influence these processes •Structuralism: inner workings of the mind by conducting experiments on sensation, perception, and attention •Functionalism: the belief that mental characteristics develop to allow people to survive and adapt •Psychoanalysis: patients discuss their background, feelings, and experiences with a trained therapist •Behaviourism: the study of observable human reactions to the environment •Humanism: the emphasis in psychology on the unique quality of human beings, particularly their freedom and potential for personal growth •Cognitive psychology: the study of mental processes...
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