Hunger Games

Topics: Learning, Skill, Death penalty Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Hunger Games
The two words I would chose to describe Katniss Everdeen would be rebellious and strong. She is rebellious in every way when it comes to the broken government that is ruling. She turned the death penalty she received into a way to show her government that the people are strong and that they would stand up. The word strong represents her very well. Not only is she physically strong but also mentally. She comes up with different ways to out smart people in the book and she finishes them with her physical strength. In the book Katniss is 16 and has straight black hair that is usually put into a braid down her back.

The first part of the book takes part in district 12. District twelve is a very poor cool mining district. The rest of the book takes place in the capitol and the battlefield where the fighting takes place. The battlefield is somewhere in the wild where there aren’t any other people there. There is a lot of wooded area in the battle area along with streams and ponds.

The conflict in this story is man vs. man. Katniss has to survive the danger of the other people trying to survive. She is picked to be in the annual Hunger Games where 13 representatives are chosen and they fight to the death with only one champion. Katniss has to fight to stay alive along with using her brain. The conflict isn’t easy to face but she has to and she does.

Theme/ Central message
Suffering as entertainment is the central message for this novel because it represents how messed a person can get from his government because of the events that happen. The destruction of the government can lead to more than the destruction of a government, it can lead to the destruction of the people and in the book the people show that from how they gain happiness and satisfaction from watching the hunger games on T.V. Another central message to learn is that government can overpower its people. In this book it showed this...
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