Horror Story

Topics: Dream, Sleep Pages: 9 (3474 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Maya Zelaya
Hour 6
King's Horror

Dark and cold, those were the two words that described the room. The only illumination was from the faint moon, a tempting ghost for a young and anxious soul. The room, though, held two souls, was accompanied by the lingering smell of pepperoni from a pizza. One of the souls was resting on the wood floor of the room and the panels creaked beneath his body as he shifted in his dreams. Although, creaking of the flooring was not the only thing to be heard in the room. What came from the window was the hustle and bustle of cars, and the soothing chirps of the crickets two stories down. The room was number thirty-five, a room number to a three story apartment building with a balcony. The balcony overlooked the Big Apple, New York City, the wind sealed out by glass sliding doors from the entrance of the balcony. White glossy walls invited a hand to investigate, but to the touch, the wall had a rough texture that could scrape and cut at your skin. The rest of room thirty-five was empty. There were only two beds, a Japanese style futon, and a couch pull out; along with a few dressers, an entertainment stand, coffee table, dining table, and night stands. Everything was wooden, with red, navy blue, gold, or black accents.

Stirring from the pull out couch, was a young and tall man. He had tanned skin, his hair a dusty brown with natural black highlights. His eyes, shining with the glow of the moon, gazed around the room, investigating the surrounding. His name was King, a Twenty-One year old college Junior. He smiled, seeing the first soul, asleep on the floor. The one on the floor was one of King's best friends, and his foster brother. His name was Dexter; he was a funny guy with straight blond hair and icy blue eyes. He was much older than King, yet never went to college since King's mother didn't have enough money to support him, plus he wasn't too fond of the idea of it nonetheless.

"He sleeps like a bear in hibernation..." King mumbled, chuckling as he poked fun at his sleepy friend.
Dexter and Mini, his big sister, were his only two siblings. Dexter was a foster child that their mother took in because she used to be friends with the mother who is now a drunkard and is unable to take care of herself, let alone a child. The father was an abusive man and never really cared for either of the two in his life and was rarely home. As for Mini, she was a mother herself. It was as if Dexter and King had two moms. Mini, being a responsible older sister, always took care of the two and overprotected them a lot. The funny thing was though, was that Dexter was one year older than she was, he could have been like a father-figure, but when he was small her carried a lot of his father's traits due to the abuse. Now though, he is much more respectful but still has a rebellious side to him. Mini especially cared for King due to his... problem. This problem was that every time he dreamt of something, some part or everything in that dream would come true. One time, he dreamt of getting a cat for his birthday party. Not a small kitten but a one year old blue Russian, and when his birthday came around, without telling his mother or anyone, he received a one year old blue Russian for his tenth birthday. Since that happened he told his mother and sister everything in his dreams, and most came true. Some things didn't though, and King was one who rarely remembered his dreams. His mother thought he could predict the future, but the doctors they sent him to considered it just a coincidence, not a prediction. When he was in school when he was small though, children would pick on him and had no friends, until Dexter came to the rescue.

Even with his family's support and his new friend's support, he is always hesitant to fall asleep. He never wants to even find out if something could happen to his family if something bad happened in his dreams. They were the only things he had, and he is most attached...
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