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ECET 100 – Introduction to Engineering and Computer Technology Homework Assignment #1
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1. Which is larger, two million pennies or two hundred single dollar bills? 2. Complete the following, showing your work:
a. 3x10+3 x 2.5x10+4

b. 1200x10-4 – 1.8x100

c. 1.2x10+2 + 600x10-1

d. 156x10-6 / 39x10-4

3. Convert 126x10+2 to scientific and engineering notations. 4. Make the following conversions:
a. Convert 0.34 seconds to milliseconds.

b. Express 0.0005 x 10-4 farads as picofarads.
5. How far does light travel in a single nanosecond? The speed of light is 3 x 108 m/s. 6. The frequency of a signal is equal to the reciprocal of the signal’s period (f = 1/p). For a computer with a 2.4 GHz clock, what is the clock period? Use metric notation for your answer. 7. The signal shown below is a sine wave as it might be displayed on an oscilloscope. If it takes 40 msec. for the waveform to travel between the points shown by the arrow “B” below, what is the frequency of the waveform?

8. Power (in watts) is a certain amount of energy (in joules) divided by a certain length of time (in seconds). The laser with the highest peak power produces energy of 186 joules in 167 femtoseconds. What is the peak power? Use metric notation for your answer. (Note: use references to determine the value of a femtoseconds and the proper notation for your answer). 9. Determine the resistance values and tolerance for the following 4-band resistors: a. orange, orange, black, gold

b. brown, black, red, gold
c. brown, black, orange, silver
10. What range of values are possible for a resistor with color bands of yellow, violet, orange, silver?
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