History Notes on the Path to Empire

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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“The Path of Empire” Guided Notes
America Turns Outward Imperialist Stirrings
* Farmers and Factory owners began to look for markets beyond American shores as agricultural and industrial production boomed. * Many Americans believed that the United States had to expand or explode. * Their country was bursting with a new sense of power generated by the robust growth in population, wealth, and productive capacity and it was trembling from the hammer blows of labor violence and agrarian unrest. * Other forces also whetted the popular appetite for overseas involvement. * The yellow press of Joseph's Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst described foreign exploits in such a way that skewed the public image of the adventures of the men abroad. Dewey's May Day Victory at Manila

* The American People plunged into the war lightheartedly, like schoolchildren off to a picnic. * Before the declaration of war, on February 25th, 1898, Roosevelt commanded the American Asiatic Squadron at Hong Kong to descend upon Spain's Philippines in the event of war and McKinley confirmed these instructions. * May 1, 1898: George Dewey carried out his orders sailing with 6 warships into the harbor of Manila. * Spain results in huge loss, overwhelming casualties, versus no deaths on American side. Perplexities in Puerto Rico and Cuba Cubans Rise in Revolt

* Many inhabitants in Puerto Rico lived in poverty, population grew faster than economy * Foraker Act of 1900, Congress accorded Puerto Ricans a limited degree of popular government and in 1917, granted them U.S. citizenship * However, many inhabitants still wanted independence, despite American offers * 1901: Insular Cases decreed that the Filipinos and Puerto Ricans were subject to American rule but not all American rights * An American military government set up in Cuba under General Leonard Wood was a huge success in government, finance, education, agriculture, and public health *...
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