Hist 1001 Term 1 Study Guide

Topics: Alexander the Great, American Revolution, American Civil War Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: February 20, 2013
History 1001 Study Guide
Exam Date: February 22

Matching and chronology ( 40-50 points)
Matching: You will have to match terms to the provided definition. All the terms will come from the term sheet posted on Moodle and covered in class. The definitions are generally very short and concise. You will probably have between 10-15 of these to identify. Ex: Battle of Gettysburg would match up with US Civil War Battle of July 1863 Chronological section: You will be given a list of empires, kings, or events and will need to places them in chronological order—you will probably be given two of these to do. These will also come from the term sheet. Ex: Proclamation Line of 1763, Declaration of Independence, Stamp Act, Boston Tea Party Correct Order: Proclamation line of 1763, Stamp Act, Boston Tea Party, Declaration of Independence

Essay (50-60 points)
You will be required to write an essay on one of the following questions. (I pick the question.) 1. Compare and contrast the religious beliefs and practices of two of the following cultures: Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Hebrew, Persian, or Greek. 2. Discuss the cycles of empires in Mesopotamia from Sumer through Alexander the Great. What was similar or dissimilar in the empires? 3. How was military conquest used to build strong ancient states? Discuss two of the following: Persia, Macedon, Sparta, or Egypt. 4. Discuss the political evolution of Athens and Sparta from the Dark to Classical Age.

On the day of the exam—please bring a pen. I will provide the test and the paper for you to write upon. You will need to drop your stuff at the front of the class or leave it behind. As a reminder: all phones are to be off and stored during the exam—if you are found with a phone your test will be confiscated.
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