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Topics: Decimal, Number, Elementary arithmetic Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Spring 2013

Modeling: Numeration and Operations
Guide for Final Exam

Students should expect about 35 to 40 multiple-choice items and approximately 10 modeling and open-ended questions. [Bring Scantron to Exam]

Modeling on Final Exam:
Base Ten BlocksMulti-Base Blocks
Attribute BlocksMiniature Cubes

Recommended Study Resources: Pre and Early Number Assignment and associated note sections, Midterm Review Activity, Take-Home Quiz #2, Compact Notes covering Addition [Pages 112-116]/ Subtraction [122-125]/ Multiplication [126-132]/ Division Notes [Pages 133 -137], Thinking Strategy review Activity connected to pages 174-185 and 206-212. [Be familiar with these notes pages 174-185 and 206-212.]

Topics for Review:
1.Set Theory (Union/ Intersection/ Complement/ Venn Diagrams with Two and Three Sets) – Attribute Blocks 2.Numeration
a.Be familiar with how to make conversions between ancient numeration systems and our current day Hindu-Arabic System b.Know the origin of our Hindu-Arabic System
c.Conversions from base 10 to other bases and from other bases to base 10 d.Conversions related to ancient numeration systems
e.Be able to add/ subtract in bases other than base 10
f.*Symbols from ancient numeration systems will be provided on the exam. 3. Number Theory
a. Sequences (Recognize by Type; Find common difference [d] or common ratio [r]; Recognize a pattern and extend a sequence) b. Sets of Numbers – Box within a Box Model c. Sequences (Modeling with Cubes like Windmill problems)/ One Grain of Rice as an example of geometric sequence 3.Problem Solving: Expect 1 to 2 problems similar to those discussed in class and in the homework 4.Operations on Whole Numbers:

a.Be able to sketch a model of your operations on whole numbers using base-10 blocks [+, -, x, ÷]. Students are expected to follow the modeling format given in class. b.Be able to use alternative algorithms.

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