Health Potentials and Health Problems

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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WELLNESS CONDITIONS:1. Correct and healthful nutritional or eating habitsCues: * Adequate food intake of all family members both in quantity and quality * Family’s diet is more on vegetable and poultry rather than junk foods or red meat. * Eats 3 times a day2. Absence of stress provoking factorsCues: * Smooth interpersonal relationship between and among family members, occasional conflicts occur but is immediately resolved. * Good parent-sibling relationship as evidenced by open discussion of problems with parents.3. Appropriate Role AssumptionCues: * The members of the family participate and assume their part when it comes to financial matters and others. * Children go to school and help out in the farm or do household chores.4. Healthy lifestyles and personal habits or practicesCues: * Occasionally drinks minimal amount of alcohol * Wears slippers or foot wears * Washes and cooks food properly * Good personal hygiene * Does not practice self-medication – family member who has co-morbid condition has a maintenance which was prescribed by their doctor * Does not use any dangerous or non-prescription drugs * Absence of sexual promiscuity * No family member engages in dangerous sports * Adequate sleep * Adequate relaxation exercises 5. Sanitary food handling and preparationCues: * Since Mrs. Juana Lapik is a graduate of a health related profession and she is usually the one who cooks food for the family, she sees to it that proper handling of food is observed.6. Family size is not a problem with family resourcesCues: * Family members help through financial support and others, help their parents in farming. * Cousins also help in their farm while studying.7. Minimal Accident Hazards but family regularly practices safety precautionsCues: * Sharps are kept in the right place and not scattered. * The house is a bungalow-type which means no presence of stairs. * There are no occurrences of fall or any fire and poisoning in the house.8. Complete Immunizations of family membersCues: * Especially to children, Kevin has already acquired most of the vaccines and is already immunized.| PRESENCE OF HEALTH THREATS: 1. Threats of cross-infection from a communicable disease: Cough and coldsCues: * Kevin, the Head’s grandson has cough and colds but is being treated with Neozep by Mrs. Juana.2. Accidental Hazards(burn or arson)Cues: * The family has a dirty kitchen and is observed to be filled with easily-burning woods (saleng). Noting that the dirty kitchen is just a 1 meter distance from the house.3. Poor environmental sanitationCues: * Presence of breeding sites of vectors of diseases - There is also pooling of water along the road which can be a breeding place for insects. * Improper drainage/ poor sewage system – as observed, in front of their house, the road is all wet and mud.| | PRESENCE OF HEALTH DEFICITS: 1. Family History of Hereditary diseases: Hypertension and CataractCues: * Mrs. Leticia Sapalit has hypertension * Mr. Pedro Sapalit has a cataract and is believed to be caused by farming| | PRESENCE OF FORSEEABLE CRISIS:1. Entrance at school in a different community/ placeCues: * Maritess Sapalit will continue her schooling at Benguet State University this Second Semester where she will rent a room near the school.|

1. Threats of cross-infection from a communicable disease: Cough and coldsCues: * Kevin, the Head’s grandson has cough and colds but is being treated with Neozep by Mrs. Juana| Inability to make decisions with respect to taking appropriate health action related to: a. Failure to comprehend the nature / magnitude of the problem/condition. b. Inability to decide which action to take from among a list of alternatives.| 2. Accidental Hazards (burn or arson)Cues: * The family has a dirty...
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