Harley Davidson-Microeconomics

Topics: Harley-Davidson, Buell Motorcycle Company, Motorcycle Pages: 4 (1293 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Week 11 Course Paper – Harley Davidson-Microeconomics
Jason Norris
Rasmussen College

Author Note
This research is being submitted on September 13, 2012 for Mr. Rick D. Pretzsch G204/ECO2023 Section 01 Microeconomics course at Rasmussen College by Jason Norris

Week 11 Course Paper - Final Submission

Prepare a 3-4 page essay that summarizes how microeconomics affects your chosen company. Use your previous course paper assignments to assist you with this essay. Remember to use suggestions and/or comments that your instructor has provided you throughout the course. Be sure to cite your sources in APA format.

The purpose for this report is the microeconomic observation of Harley-Davidson Inc., a manufacturer of heavyweight motorcycles used for recreation, military, and law enforcement. They are publicly traded and employee owned satisfying both international and domestic markets targeting all men and women of all ages. Then they have Buell Motorcycle Company that produces American sport bikes and performance street motorcycles. Finally to help support the consumer Harley-Davidson Financial Services offers a variety of financing options with competitive loan rates and terms for qualified customers. Harley-Davidson has come a long way since the start in 1903 in a small10 x 15-foot wooden shed with the words "Harley-Davidson Motor Company" crudely scrawled on the door. William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson make available to the public the first production Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. They have been selling stock in the company since they incorporated in September of 1907 which was four years after their first bike was produced as a racer. Harley-Davidson Motor Company (HDMC) is one of the world leaders in the production, marketing and servicing of motorcycles in the US and throughout the world. The company manufactures a range of motorcycles and has established a network of dealerships in the US and overseas and they have grown into a parenting...
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