Greek Mythology

Topics: Greek mythology, Aeneid, Zeus Pages: 8 (764 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Greek mythology
By:Yamilett Nunez-Meraz
Period 3

• Origin: Latin from Greek
• Old Definition: A large collar
or cape worn in acient times to
display the protection
provided by high religious
• Current Usage : Video game
• Current Definition: the
protectin backing, or support a


Origin: Greek

Old Definition:epicurus, the
founder of a school of
philosophy, believed the
supreme goal in life should be

Current ussage: type of food

Current definiton:a person
devoted to sensual enjoyment

• Origin: Latin,from Greek
• Old Definition: Faithful adviser
to whom Odysseus entrusted
the education of his
son,Telemachus while he
fought at Troy
• Current Usage: a person who
shows others good examples.
• Current definition: an
experianced and trusted

• Origin: Latin Used in 1638
• Old Definition: chimera a firebreathing monster with a lion head,goat body and dragon tail
• Current usage: an ugly
creature comes out in movies
• Current definition: given to
fantastic schemes

• Origin: Latin, Greek
• Old Definition: A place
constructed of or full of
intricate passageways and
blind alleys
• Current Usage: A maze
• CurrentDefinition:something
extremely complex in structure

• Origin:Middle English
• Old Definition:The
statute of pallas was
prophesied to protect the
city of Troy.
• Current Usage: Statute in
• Current Definition:(Same
as old definition.)

• Origin: German
• Old Definition: Narcissus
fell in love with him self
after seeing his own
reflection in a pool.
• Current Usage: Egoism
• Current Definition:Love
of or sexual desire for
one’s own body

• Origin: Latin
• Old Definition: Hera,wife
of Zeus, arranged for
hercules to be given
penance of performing
twelve, apparently
impossible, task.
• Current Usage: Intense
• Current Definition:Often
not capitalized

• Origin:Greek
• Old Definition: this mild
westwind is the
harbinger of spring and
always supplants the cold
northerly winds of
• Current Usage:Breeze
from the west
• Current Definition:any
various lightweight
fabrics and articles of

• Origin:Latin from Greek
• Old definition: this
goddess doled out
rewards for noble acts but
vengeance for evil ones.
punishment wasn’t
always immediate.
• Current Usage:Vengeance
• Current Definition: One
that inflicts retribution or

• Origin:Greek
• Old Definition:Homer’s hero
ad adventures with Calypso,
Circe and the Cyclops, among
others,before retuning to Troy.
• Currant Usage :voyage
• Current Definition:An
intellectual or spiritual
wandering or quest

• Origin: Latin
• Old Definition: this sea-god
would reveal the secret of
getting home, but he had to be
caught first before he changed
the form.
• Currant Electric company
• Currant Definition:total
nitrogenous material in plant
or animal substances

• Origin:latin
• Old Definition: the name of the
goddess of spring and
flowering plant , esp. wild
flowers and plant not raise for
• Current Usage: flower,
• Current Definition:A treatise
on or list of the plant of an area
or period

• Origin: Latin, from Greek
• Old Definition homer, in the
Illiad ,said that Zeus sent out
his workers everyday to bring
back this delicious substance
• Current Usage: Delicious food
• Current Definition:the food of
the Greek and roman gods

• Origin: Medieval Latin
• Old Definition: Hermes,was
the god who conducted souls
to the judges of the
underworld where one’s
afterlife was determined.
• Current Usage:
• Current Definition: realateing
to or characterized by
occultism or abstruseness

• Origin:Greek
• Old Definition:Prometheus
protected the human race from
Zeus and taught them all arts
and skills to...
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