Gm520 Final Exam Notes

Topics: Law, Common law, Ethics Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: June 15, 2012
GM520 Final Exam Study Guide

* TCO A: Given an organizational requirement to conform business practices to both the law and best ethical practices, apply appropriate ethical theories to shape a business decision.

* Schools of thought
* Ethical models

* TCO B: Given instances of federal regulation of business and commercial practices, determine the constitutional and regulatory bases for such regulation, and formulate a strategy by which an impacted business can influence or contest regulating outcomes. * APA

* process of regulation promulgation
* Legal challenges to regulations
* TCO C: Given an example of corporate liability arising from the sale of defective and dangerous products, develop a business strategy that includes ethical considerations to minimize liability for claims of product liability and breach of warranty. * Strict Liability 402A

* Negligence
* Warranties
* Defenses to all of these claims
* TCO D: Given a business requirement to form a contract for the sale of goods and services to a customer, define the elements of a contract, and determine whether a duly formed contract is enforceable under the common law or Uniform Commercial Code. * Contract formation

* Contract performance
* Defenses to contract performance
* TCO E: Given specified circumstances of an employment relationship, determine the circumstances under which an employer is liable to an employee for employment discrimination or wrongful discharge. * Creation of the agency relationship

* Responsibilities of the agent and principal
* Theories of discrimination under Title VII
* Defenses to a Title VII charge
* Enforcement of Title VII
* TCO F: Given specified circumstances of business ownership of real and intellectual property, evaluate the rights of business to the protection of its property and the obligations arising out of the use of the...
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