Genographic Project Informative Speech

Topics: Spencer Wells, DNA, Genographic Project Pages: 4 (1137 words) Published: November 27, 2012
The Genographic Project


A. (attention grabber): Everyone here probably knows what ethnicity you are, where your immediate family came from, or maybe can even trace your great-great grandparents. But what if I told you that you can find out where your ancestors came from tens of thousands of years ago from using this! (hold up a cotton swab)

B. (thematic statement): Today I will be talking to you about The Genographic Project and what it has discovered in terms of ancestry.

C. (establish significance/credibility): National Geographic has been conducting the Genographic Project since 2005. They have been collecting DNA samples from people, and by studying and grouping the genetic markers people possess, it can be determined which path your ancestors took when populating the world! It can answer why we ended up where were are, and why there is a wide variety of colors and features amongst humans. Now, what I am going to be talking to you about today is National Geographic’s Genographic Project only, because the scientific community has not come to a concensus that their findings are valid, and the project is still ongoing.

D. (preview of main points): (pic) So today I will explain to what the National Geographic Genographic Project is, how it is being conducted, what their findings are, and how you can be a part of it.

[transition]: But first, let’s talk about what this Genographic Project is, and a little about the science behind it.


A. (main point #1): In 2005, National Geographic Genographic Project was launched.

a. According to National Geographic News. Com, Dr. Spencer Wells (pic)and a team of scientists are using technologies to uncover the truth of our genetic roots. They are analyzing patterns in DNA from participants worldwide that can tell us where we came from. He created the project to further validate his previous research about where humans came from. There is great...
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