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│Guided Learning 1│
|Multiple Choice Questions |

1. The most global of markets is in the area of
A) services
B) consumer goods
C) industrial goods
D) intellectual capital

2. Cisco Systems exports a number of products to consumers in other countries. This practice is referred to as A) world exchange
B) international trade
C) cross border barter
D) e-commerce

3. Although Gillette is an American company, it has invested substantial business resources in activities outside the United States. This practice is referred to as A) globalization
B) international trade
C) re-organization
D) foreign direct investment

4. In recent years, all the following countries have seen their share of world output fall except A) United States
B) France
C) Germany
D) China

5. _____________ is not a benefit of globalization.
A) Lowering prices for goods
B) Raising the incomes of consumers
C) Slowing economic growth
D) Helping to create jobs in all countries that choose to participate

6. England, France, Germany and China all have unique political, economic and legal systems. These three systems can be collectively referred to as that country’s _________ economy. A) political

B) formal
C) administrative
D) official
7. When _____________ is practiced, the needs of society as a whole are generally viewed as being more important than individual freedom. A) totalitarianism
B) collectivism
C) individualism
D) capitalism

8. ______________ trace their intellectual roots to Karl Marx. A) Separatists
B) Capitalists
C) Individualists
D) Socialists

9. Political systems can be assessed according to two related dimensions. These are the degree to which they emphasize ____________ opposed to ___________ and the degree to which they are ______________ verses _______________ . A)...
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