Gandalf, the Hobbit

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Q: How might Gandalf be considered a father figure in the novel? This means how does Gandalf guide the company, most importantly Bilbo, in a way like a father would to his children. A: Gandalf plays a huge role in the story, as we all know, but a major part of his role is how much like a father he acts to Bilbo as well as the rest of the company. He guides them for much of their journey, teaching them tips and tricks as well as how to use their brains a little bit to get them out of trouble. This is much how a father might raise his child, teaching them how and or when to use different skills and knowledge, and how to get themselves out of trouble when they have to do it. But yet again children also need help sometimes too, for example, when Bilbo and the Dwarves get captured by the Goblins, Gandalf comes to the rescue and saves the day, at least for a while. This could represent a father helping their child out of danger, like them getting picked on by a bully, or by somebody else. And then the company learns from this mistake, and gains yet another piece of knowledge for the future. Now let’s say that as the story has progressed along the children have grown in age. Now it is time to depart from the parents and move on into life. For example, when Gandalf leaves the company and Bilbo right before the go into Mirkwood, it represents the now older teenager that has learned many things from their father, moving on in life and going out into the world on their own. He tells them what not to do and what the consequences might be of that is done. Now that the adults have lived for a while there has been some tension between Thorin and Company, Bilbo, the men of Lake Town, and the elves. But as they continue to fight, Gandalf, or the father steps in. He tells them that they all have to resolve the problem and pull together, almost like they are all siblings, because there is an enemy coming and they all have to fight together. Look on page 279 about a third of the way...
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