Fundamentals of Business Law - Bills of Exchange

Topics: Petty cash, Organizational chart, Management Pages: 28 (4294 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Chapter One | |
|Office Organisation | | | | |1.1 |WORK OF KEY DEPARTMENTS | | |Examples of Key Departments: | |1.1.1 |Finance and Accounts Department | | |The finance/accounts function comprises 2 related roles/elements: | | |to ensure that the business is able to record the financial costs and revenues related to its business activities | | |to provide managers with information which enables them to have a clearer understanding of the financial implications of any| | |management decisions | |1.1.2 |Production/Operation Department | | |The role of the production function is: | | |to ensure that the business produces its output as effectively as possible within given timescale and resources | | |that the output of goods is in sufficient quantities and of the right quality to meet sales orders. | |1.1.3 |Marketing and Sales Department | | |The Sales and Marketing department must engage in activities which: | | |enable it to determine what the market requires | | |ensure that there are sufficient opportunities available for the consumers in the market to purchases those goods and | | |services produced by the business | |1.1.4 |Personnel and Training/Human Resources Department | | |The Personnel department plays a very important role in a company. | | |A company’s success or failure is largely dependent on the ability of the staff to carry out their tasks effectively and | | |efficiently. | | |The Personnel Manager’s job is to: | | |appoint people with the appropriate knowledge and skills for the job | | |train the appointed people effectively to plan for their long-term development which should be in line with the | | |organisation’s needs | | |The chief aspects of personnel work are: | | |personnel planning (trying to forecast requirement) | | |recruitment and selection...
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