Fuid Mechanics Assignment

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Assignment 1
Problem No 4 is due
1- A body weighs 4800N when exposed to a standard earth gravity g = 9.8066 m/s2. (a) What is its mass in kg?
(b) What will the weight of this body be in N ewton if it is exposed to the moon's standard acceleration gmoon = 1.62 m/s2?
2- A rigid pipe of diameter d = 3500mm and 5km long is used to pump water. An obstruction plugs the pipe at an unknown location so that no liquid can flow. A piston is placed in one end of the pipe and slides (without leakage), compressing the water in the pipe. The pressure increases 855 k Pa when the piston is moved a distance of 734mm into the pipe. If the temperature of the liquid =300 C, how far down the pipe would you estimate the obstruction to be?

3- Derive an expression for the capillary height change h for a fluid of surface tension σ and contact angle θ between two vertical parallel plates a distance w. What will h be for water at 38o C if w= 0.66mm?

4- A student in freshman chemistry, who knows nothing about the correction due to the meniscus caused by surface tension, makes a barometer using a very small glass tube, having a diameter d = 1.45mm, in order to save on the amount of mercury he needs. He reads the barometric pressure to be 7 519 mm Hg.

a) W hat is the corresponding pressure in Pascal?
b) W hat is the pressure after correction for the meniscus effect? (σ = 0.478 N/m, θcontact = 1390)
5- A vertical, clean, glass piezometer tube has an inside diamet er of 0.77 mm. When a pressure is applied, water at 330 C rises into the tube to a height of 441mm. Estimate the corrected applied pressure in Pa.