Ftm 460 Exam3 Study Guide

Topics: Sampling, Sample, Stratified sampling Pages: 3 (809 words) Published: March 25, 2013
FTM 460
Exam 3 Review (Chapters 10-13)

33 Multiple Choice Questions (3 points each). The majority of test questions come from Chapter 10 & Chapter 13. The least from Chapter 11.

Chapter 10: The concept of measurement
* Be able to recognize the 4 types of measurement scales: CHART 10.4 in chapter ten slide six * Nominal: Scales that partition data into mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive categories. * Ordinal: Scales that maintain the labeling characteristics of nominal scales and have the ability to order data * Interval: Scales that have the characteristics of ordinal scales, plus equal intervals between points to show relative amounts; they may include an arbitrary zero point. * Ratio: Scales that have characteristics of interval scales, plus a meaningful zero point so that magnitudes can be compared arithmetically. * Define: Scale reliability: Degree to which measures are free from random error and, therefore, provide consistent data. The extent to which the survey responses are internally consistent. Cronbach’s alpha:

Test-retest reliability: The ability of the same instrument to produce consistent results when used a second time under conditions as similar as possible to the original conditions. * Be familiar with the steps in the measurement development process (McDaniel’s diagram) Slide 3 CH 10. * Know the difference between a constitutive and operational definition of a given construct. (Slide 4) * Constitutive: ambiguity is a direct function of the discrepancy between the information available to the person and that which is required for adequate performance of a role. It is the difference between a person’s actual state of knowledge and the knowledge that provides adequate satisfaction of that person’s personal needs and values. * Operational: Role ambiguity is the amount of uncertainty (ranging from very uncertain to very certain on a five-point scale) an individual feels...
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