Format of Letter Writing

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Format of Letter Writing

You have recently moved into a new flat. Unfortunately, you lost some money the other day, and cannot afford to pay next month’s rent when it is due. Write a letter to the landlord explaining the situation and that you will pay as soon as your parents send you the money. Also, mention that there are some problems with the flat.

Dear _____________.

I am writing to you because I am unable to pay next month’s rent, which is due on Saturday. Unfortunately, the other day I lost my wallet, and there was large amount of money inside. I have, therefore, had to write to my parents to ask them to send me some money urgently. As soon as it arrives, I will immediately notify you and arrange to pay by cash or cheque. I hope that this does not cause you too much inconvenience.

There are also some problems with that flat that I wish to bring to your attention. First, the cold tap in the bathroom will not turn off properly, and the water is dripping constantly. This will need to be fixed quickly because it is wasting water. Second, one of the back rings on the top of the oven does not work at all.

I’m sorry that I cannot pay the rent on time, and trust that you will understand.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Campisi

The local council has decided to build a block of flats on the park opposite the place where you are living. Write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper protesting this development of a beautiful and necessary green space in your town. Make suggestions for what people an or should do to stop the development.

Dear _____________,

I am writing to your newspaper to protest about the proposed that development of Newton Park opposite where I live.

The local council has written to us saying that they are going to build a huge five-story block of flats on the park next year. I strongly object to this proposal, and so do my neighbors.

There are too many flats in this area already, and, although it is true...
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