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Problem No. 1 on Options based on Chapter 8
A Call Option on the stock of XYZ Company has a market price of $9.00. The price of the underlying stock is $36.00, and the strike price of the option is $30.00 per share. What is the Exercise Value of this Call Option? What is the Time Value of the Option?

Problem No. 2 on Options based on Chapter 8
The Exercise (Strike) Price on ABC Company’s Option is $21.00, its Exercise Value is $23.00, and its Time Value is $7.00. What is the Market Value of the Option? What is the price of the underlying stock?

Problem on Capital Structure Change – Chapter 15 – No. 4

Problem on Capital Structure Change – Chapter 15 – No. 6

Problem on Swaps based on Chapter 23
Company A can issue floating-rate debt at LIBOR + 1%, and it can issue fixed rate debt at 9%. Company B can issue floating-rate debt at LIBOR + 1.5%, and it can issue fixed-rate debt at 9.4%.

Suppose A issues floating-rate debt and B issues fixed-rate debt, after which they engage in the following swap: A will make a fixed 7.95% payment to B, and B will make a floating-rate payment equal to LIBOR to A.

What are the resulting net payments of A and B?

Problem based on Chapter 23 – Futures Contract
What is the implied interest rate yield on a Treasury Bond ($100,000) futures contract that settled at 100’24 (or 100 24/32)? If interest rates increased by 0.75%, what would be the contract’s new value?
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