Topics: Writing, Writers, Creative writing Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Jamie Noack
English Composition
Professor Selvaggio
Essay # 1
To Have a Voice
The writing process is not something someone can just sit down and do. The writer usually does not write in phases, they usually jump around from on phase to another. Peter Elbow and Donald Murray write about the importance of free writing and revising phases of the transformation from inspiration to craft, and how these phases give writing a voice throughout the writing process and how editing can be hinder the process of inspiration to craft. In creative writing many writers are encouraged to experiment with different literacy styles and techniques to help develop their voice. Voice varies from author to author; having this asset is considered positive and binomial to both the writer and the reader. Peter Elbow writes about freewriting and how it is a good way to practice and improve on writing. The task of freewriting is an exercise where the writer sits down for ten minutes and just writes. Not filtering or editing is to go on while freewriting. According to Peter Elbow in Freewriting “It’s an exercise in bringing together the process of producing words and putting them down on the page. Practiced regularly, it undoes the ingrained habit of editing at the same time you are trying to produce” (84). The habit of premature editing does not make writing hard, but it makes the writing boring. As Elbow states “In your natural way of producing words there is a sound, a texture, a rhythm-a voice- which is the main source of power in your writing”(84). The voice is the force that makes the reader listen to what is they are reading, it is the energy that brings the meaning to the reader.

In The Maker’s Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscripts, Donald Murray talks about how writers need to be their own critic, and learn to take criticism from other writers. A writer must learn to read critically and constructively, to cut what is bad to reveal what is good. The things...
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