Eye Dissection Questions

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Are there muscles visible on the external portions of the eye? On the surface of the eyeball there were portions of extrinsic muscles. They can be seen in the diagram.

What is the function of the fat attached to the eyeball?
The purpose of the fat is to protect the eye and further secure the eye into the socket

When you look at the white of a person’s eye, what are you actually looking at? You are looking at their sclera

On the cow eyeball, where was the optic nerve located?
The optic nerve on the cow eyeball was located on the back of the eyeball, directly in the center. Internal:

What is the colour of the vitreous humour?
The vitreous humour is clear and jelly-like

What is the colour of the retina in the preserved eye? How does it differ from the diagram and a living eye? The retina was a light brown colour in the preserved eye. In a living eye it is a pink/ red colour.

Why is the carotid coat called the blind spot?
No sensory cells are present here, creating a blind spot in the eye. This is not noticeable in our vision, as each eye covers the other’s blind spot.

From what portion of the lens are the suspensory ligaments radiating? They were radiating from the outside ring around the lens.

Why does the lens take a biconvex shape?
To direct the images to the back of the eye

What is the ring of tissue around the lens called? What is the hole in this tissue called? The hole in the tissue is called the pupil. The tissue surrounding the lens is the iris, this is the coloured part of the eye.


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