Exercise 43

Topics: Menstrual cycle, Meiosis, Ovulation Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: April 22, 2013
1. C7. B
2. B8. A
3. A9. B
4. B10. C
5. C11. B
6. A12. B
2) Describe the process of synapsis
The pairing of homologous chromosomes (23 tetrads become attached to spindle fibers & begin to align on the equator. 3) How does crossover introduce variability in the daughter cells? The homologues separate from one another, breaking & exchanging parts- where crossovers occur 4) Define homologous chromosomes

Egg & sperm chromosomes that carry genes for the same traits (1 paternal, 1 maternal) 5)
1. Primitive stemspermatogonium
2. Haploidsecondary spermatocyte, spermatid, sperm
3. Provides nutrients to developing spermsustentacular cells 4. Products of meiosis IIspermatid
5. Product of spermiogenesissperm
6. Product of meiosis Ispermatocyte

6) Why are spermatids not considered functional gametes?
They are non-motile and have too much excess baggage to function well in a reproductive capacity. 7) Differentiate between spermatogenesis and spermiogenesis Spermiogenesis is the final stage of spermatogenesis, which sees the maturation of spermatids into mature, mobile spermatozoa. * Formation of haploid gametes by male sloughing off excess spermatid cytoplasm to form a functioning sperm 8) Draw a sperm, label: acrosome, head, mid piece and tail. Beside each label, note the composition, and function of each sperm structures. Acrosome :( composition & function) penetrating device containing digestive enzymes Head :( composition & function) genetic region, nucleus

Mid piece :( composition & function) contains mitochondria which provide ATP Tail :( composition & function) contractile filaments (loco motor region) 9) The lifespan of a sperm is very short? What anatomical characteristics might lead you to suspect this even if you don't know its life span? No cytoplasm in which to store nutrients

10) The sequence of events leading to germ cell formation in the female begins during fetal development,...
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