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Topics: Supply chain management, Enterprise resource planning, Management Pages: 5 (949 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Hello Everyone,
As promised, here is some information about the INFS2621 Exam Format. I also want to take this opportunity to thank you all very much for being such a terrific class! I hope you have enjoyed the course and learnt a lot - I certainly have enjoyed teaching you as a group.

1. The Exam is of 2 Hours duration. Total number of questions : 5 Questions, each with sub-parts. Answer all 5 Questions. 2. Not all questions are worth equal marks. Marks available for questions and question sub-parts are shown on the Exam paper. 3. Total marks available 100 MARKS. The exam is worth 45% of the total marks for the course. 4. There will be no multiple choice questions.

5. The format of the questions will be based around explaining / clarifying concepts presented in: 5.1 Brief case studies
5.2 Diagrammatic representations
5.3 Quotes from the textbook.

Please remember you will be required to demonstrate your understanding of the materials which we have covered in INFS2621 - and not simply repeat what you have read in the notes.

Learning outcomes
1.) Demostrate a good understanding of basic issues in Enterprise system 2.) Explain the scope of common Enterprise system (MM ,SCM, CRM, HRM, Procurement- acquisition of goods and services) 3.) Explain the challenges in implementation of enterprise system and the impacts on organisation 4.) Describe the selection, acquisition and implementation of ES

ERP – Enterprise Resource planning systems integrate internal and external management information across the entire organisation , embracing finance, manufacturing, sales and service, customer relationship management,

Software and Vendor selection
Key words
* ERP purchase process
* Vendors research
* Request for bids(RFB)
* Contractual agreement
Discussion question
1.) As Welch’s food narrowed down the vendors in their quest to purchase ERP discuss the steps Welch’s Foods took to get the best price?

2.) Describe the components of TCO(total cost of ownership) and why it is difficult to use in comparing ERP systems.

3.) Defined and documented functional requirements is a part of the bid process. Discuss why this would be beneficial in the selection of an ERP system even if a bid is not required.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)


* SCM drivers
* SCM flows
* SCM Processes
* E-SCM(e-business supply chain management)
* ERP vs SCM
* Bull whip effect
* Integrating ERP and SCM systems

Introduction : Supply chain is a network of services, materials, and information flow that link a firm’s customer relations, order fulfilment, and supplier relations processes to those of its supplier and customers.

* There issue is that there is an increase in a number of companies * Companies need to understand their supply chain and build a strategy that aligns with the competitive strategy and supply chain strategy.

Advantages : SCM improves the efficiencies and reduces cost substantially while also giving companies the adaptability to modify their business process.

Counter argument:
* To ensure success in a company’s supply chain management .All the functions needs to work together at the same time achieving strategic fit which is to satisfy the targeted customer segements. Information:

Discussion question
1.) Discuss the relationship between a company’s supply chain strategy and competitive strategy 2.) Discuss the role and flow of SCM software
3.) Which SCM process according to you is most critical? Explain why 4.) Discuss the role of SCM in e-business and e-commerce. 5.) Discuss the difference between e-procurement and e-fulfilment. 6.) Discuss the critical components in design of SCM systems 7.) How is EAI different from the intrgration of SCM and REP system? Explain

CRM (Customer relationship management)

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