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PSYC 110 Principles of Psychology

The quizzes and final exam in Psyc 110 is open book, open notes. While some students are anticipating that these open book exams will easier than paper and pencil exams, these exams are typically just as challenging, if not more challenging than traditional tests.

The final exam for PSYC110 will consist of 65 multiple choice questions, including five essays. You will have 3 ½ hours to complete the exam. The weekly quizzes in this class are 10 multiple choice questions and one short essay each. You will have 30 minutes for each quiz.

For the final exam and the quizzes, you may use the eBook, lectures, and your notes.

The final exam is built on three levels of knowledge.

• Knowledge and Comprehension: This level deals with knowing and remembering facts, such as principles, methods and concepts. • Application and Analysis: This level deals with the use of abstract ideas, rules, or generalized methods and the understanding of relationships between elements or parts. • Synthesis and Evaluation: This level, which is the most difficult, deals with arranging and combining concepts to form a new whole. It also deals with the ability to judge the value of material based on given criteria.

What does this mean to you as a student? It means that you will have a variety of questions, some easy, some not so easy, and some that will be difficult. So, how should you study for this type of exam? First, review the lectures. Next, and I believe that this is the most important, create a system that allows you to “bookmark” important information in your text. Many of the most difficult questions are built on the understanding that you will have access to this information, and you need to have it readily available. In short, you will not have time search for the information you will need to answer the questions completely.

Review the study guide (but remember - there is no guarantee that absolutely everything on the final exam is in the study guide). Dig into the material and get comfortable with it – this will be time consuming, but will bring successful results. Time management on the final is critical so be sure to review the piece here on that.

Good luck to all!

Week 1 Psychological Research, Neurotransmitters, & Stress

Chapter 1:

• The Scientific Method
• Experimental Research (Independent, Dependent variable, extraneous variable. experimental bias, control groups, experimental groups) • Experimental Safeguards (Researcher and Participant safeguards) • Non-Experimental Research (Direct Observation, Case Studies, Surveys, Correlational Studies) • Ethical Issues in Research

Possible Essay Questions:

A. A friend asks you to summarize what you learned in your psychology class. In addition to explaining topics, you tell your friend all about the scientific approach used by psychologists to develop information about human behavior.

B. You are the manager at a busy factory. You are interested in how the level of noise on the factory floor impacts production. List the 6 steps in the scientific method (5 points) and show how a psychologist would use each of them to improve the plant’s productivity. In step 3 be sure to specify how you conduct the experiment and what the dependent and independent variables would be.

Chapter 2

Neurotransmitters, Endorphins, Hormones

Chapter 3

• What is Stress? Types of Stressors (Hassles, Life Changes, Conflict, etc.), Results of stress (Biological, cognitive, emotional), Relationship between stress and illness • Types of Conflict

• Type A and Type B personality
• Coping with Stress, Emotion-Focused Forms of Coping, Problem-Focused Forms of Coping, Resources for Coping and Locus of Control, Active Coping Strategies, Hardiness

Possible Essay Questions:

A. Your supervisor asks you to develop a workshop for employees to help them deal...
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