Exam 2 Substance Abuse and Addictive Behaviors

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Morphine Pages: 16 (2488 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Test Review 2

Party Drugs:
1. Roofies
2. Ketamine
3. Ecstasy

• Methamphetimes
o Street names: speed, ice, smoked, crystal meth
o Source: man made
o Administration: inject, snort, smoke, oral
o Schedule 1 drug—highly addictive and no med use-- (meth) but other amphetimes are schedule 2 drugs since they sometimes have medical use o 50% of drug is removed from body in 12 hours

o Increases dopamine release and blocks dopamine reuptake o Addictive because HIGH LASTS SO DANG LONG and RELATIVELY CHEAP; produces increased activity and elevation in ALL USERS o Limited med use

▪ Narcolepsy
▪ Short term cure for obesity
▪ Stimulant to stay awake
o Health problems:
▪ Brain damage
▪ Reduces levels of dopamine—symptoms like those of Parkinson’s ▪ Addiction
▪ Psycho behavior
▪ Heart problems
▪ Malnutrition
• Kills your appetite
• U’ll spend money on drug—not food ▪ Tooth decay
o Side effects:
▪ Behaviors:
• Increased alertness and energy (remember girl who wanted to clean everything) ▪ Diarrhea, tension (opposite for the effects of depressants and opiates) ▪ More focused

o Tolerance: chronic use may result in a tolerance
▪ May try to intensify by:
• Taking higher doses
• Taking it more frequently
• Changing their method of ingestion (Binging) o Withdrawals:
▪ Extreme depression!! Lows intensify
▪ Paranoid
▪ Aggressive
▪ Suicidal

• Ecstasy
o MDMA: orally as a pill is the most common form
o Schedule 1 drug
o Stimulant like amphetamine with hallucinatory effects o Tried to use as a psychoactive drug for soldiers with PTSD ▪ Initially hailed as a miracle by therapists and counselors ▪ Effects are more negative than positive and made illegal in 1985 and changed to schedule 1 drug o Health problems:

▪ Muscle breakdown
▪ Kidney and liver failure
▪ Heart attack
▪ Stroke
▪ Seizure
▪ Toxicity involves: hyperthermia, dehydration—forget to drink, agitation and confusion ▪ Interfere with memory
o Side effects:
▪ Behavioral:
• Appetite suppression
• Excitation
• Perceptual distortions
• Loss of inhibitions
▪ Physiological
• Jaw clenching—remember the pacifiers o Tolerance: for all party drugs tolerance increases as they are taken more often ▪ Larger doses required
o Withdrawals:
▪ Depression
▪ Paranoid delusions
▪ Hallucination
o Became illegal in 1985
o Stimulant AND hallucinogen
o Methlyene Dioxy Methamphetamine combines a powerful stimulant and a hallucinogen

• Cocaine
o Schedule 2 drug
o Snorted, smoked, injection, not usually orally administered ▪ Sometimes ppl rub on their gums
o Smoking: crack is the most reinforcing form of administration! o Slows down dopamine and serotonin re-uptake
o Uses: topical med, eyes, throat and nose surgeries o Health problems:
▪ Severe dependency
▪ Strokes
▪ Respitory failres
▪ Seizures
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