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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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I. Purpose
The purpose of this experiment is to study the workings of Ethernet cables to enhance practical knowledge of application. II. Apparatus
1) Standard Cat5 Ethernet Cable (6feet long
2) RJ45 Connectors
3) Multi Network Cable Tester
4) RJ45 Wire Crimp Tool & Cable Stripper

III. Procedure
1) Determine the type of Ethernet cable that needs to be created, either “Straight through” or “Cross Over”. For this experiment, a Straight through cable will be required. 2) Cut an Ethernet cable of 6feet in length from the bulk cable in the box. 3) Use the RJ45 Wire Crimp Tool & Cable Stripper, using the bottom of the tool for Cable striping, strip off at least 1inch of the plastic casing to expose the inner wires. 4) Separate the Wires into their colored pairs for easier distinction. (ex. Orange and Orange White, etc) 5) Now that the cable colors are easier distinguish, the pattern required for a Straight through cable from left(1) to right(8) are as follows 1. Orange-White

2. Orange
3. Green-White
4. Blue
5. Blue-White
6. Green
7. Brown-White
8. Brown
6) Repeat Steps 3,4 and 5 on the opposite end of the Ethernet cable. 7) Once the pattern above is reached, insert the exposed wires into the RJ45 and determine if they are fit to be crimped. Remember, no inner wires should be outside of the RJ45 connector. Trim the inner wires so that they go into the pin and the Ethernet shielding goes into the section of the connector that requires crimping. 8) Place the cable with connector into the RJ45

10) Once you have determined the network cable you will be creating strip the cable, we recommend stripping at least a half of an inch off of the cable to expose the inner wires. Don't be worried about stripping too much of the network cable jacket off since you can always cut the wires down more if needed later. After the network cable jacket has been removed separate the wires...
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