Equus: Analysis Scenes 20 & 21

Topics: Horse, Ritual, Religion Pages: 4 (1415 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Equus scene 20
Introduction: First we will summarize the scene, after that we will analyze the following features. (we will be discussing scene 20 first). Summary: Dysart and Alan are in the office of Dysart, however they are pretending to be at the stables. Dysart asks questions to Alan and Alan answers all of them. Alan tells about his ritual in the stable. He does this ritual every time before he rides a horse. In this ritual he gives the horse sandals and the ‘’Chinkle-chankle’’. Later they go to the place of Ha Ha, which is a big field Alan describes to be full of mist and covered with nettles. Setting: The place is actually in Dysart’s office but they pretend to be in the stable. This is at night or late in the evening, which we can know because Dysart says: ‘’Dalton may still be awake’’ and because Alan says: ‘’he doesn’t like it so late’’. In this sentence he refers to ‘he’ as Nugget the horse and ‘it’ as the ‘’Chinkle-chankle’’. The stable Alan talks about is home to a couple of horses, including Nugget.

Plot development: This scene was actually very predictable. During the previous scene, so scene 19, the events in scene 20 were foreshadowed. In scene 19 Dysart asked many questions to Alan about his rituals with the horses. In this scene Dysart goes on with questioning and asks Alan to do the rituals that he told Dysart about in the previous scene. Alan accepted this and that is why they pretend to be at the stable. This scene builds up tension and again foreshadows what will happen in the next scene, because it has an open end. The next scene will probably be about the rituals too

Character development: Alan is different in this scene. In the previous scenes, he did not like to give answers to Dysart’s questions. He wanted to ask him questions in return or he used tools such as the tape recorder. In this scene Alan answers all of Dysart’s questions without being ashamed, without using tools and without playing games. Next to that, he seems to...
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