Environmental Sustainable Practices

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Part 1: Investigate current practices in relation to resource usage.| Page Number| 1.1 Outline the government and regulatory bodies both internationally, nationally and in Victoria that have devised environmental laws. Explain what they do and what laws and regulations they have implemented and outline each law and regulation briefly. | 4,5| 1.2 Explain the role of the local government in devising environmental laws and regulations, research your own local council and outline what laws and regulations they have implemented.| 5| 1.3 Briefly outline the role of Industry bodies in devising and managing environmental laws and regulations.| 6| 1.4a) Discuss why organisations comply with environmental regulations and best practice.| 6| 1.4b) Outline how organisations would go about assessing their compliance to environmental regulations and best practices, attach documentation that they would use to do this.| 7| 1.4c) Explain how an organisation would go about developing an Environmental Management Plan, what is the purpose of the plan and what should be incorporated in the plan and how will the plan be monitored?| 7| 1.4d) Outline how organisations would measure resource usage and what benefits such measures would bring about in the long term for the organisation. | 8| Part 2: Set targets for improvements| Page Number|

2.1 Discuss why organisations need to engage and seek input from a wide range of stakeholders when implementing effective sustainable work practices.| 8| 2.2 Outline some of the key stakeholders that an organisation would seek input from and explain the type of input they would provide.| 8| 2.3 Discuss the consultation methods that organisations can use to maximize the stakeholder feedback. What are the benefits or each?| 9| 2.4 Outline external sources of information and data that an organisation may access and how it could utilise the information to implement effective sustainable practices| 9| 2.5 Outline the purpose of efficiency targets in implementing effective sustainable work practices, and give examples of efficiency targets that an organisation may implement. | 10| 2.6 Discuss the merit of promoting efficiency targets to key stakeholders and how this may be undertaken by organisations.| 10|

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Part 3: Implement performance improvement practices| Page Number| 3.1 ‘As part of the process, techniques and tools must be applied to assist employees with workplace procedures for implementing sustainable work practices’ Discuss this statement and outline the techniques and tools an organisation may use, their purpose and when they would be relevant.| 11| 3.2 Outline the purpose of environmental and resource efficiency improvement plans and discuss what they should incorporate.| 12| 3.3 Explain the role of the supervision/team leader in supervising and supporting team members to identify possible areas of non-compliance and improved work practices.| 12| 3.4 ‘Organisations are now looking at incorporating new accounting practices to completely reflect the value of the environment as an asset’ Outline the different costs recognized and when they may be used.| 12,13| Part 4: Monitor performance| Page Number|

4.1 ‘Evaluating, monitoring and reviewing are important steps in continuous improvement cycle. The feedback, positive or negative, demonstrates whether the actions the organisation has taken to improve its environmental performance have had the desired impact’ Discuss the five steps organisations can use to evaluate/monitor performance. | 13| 4.2 Outline and explain how audit documentation and processes could be employed to monitor performance of organisations in implementing environmental sustainable practices.| 14| 4.3 What methods could an organisation employ to communicate the outcomes of audits on efficiency targets to key personnel and stakeholders.| 14| 4.4...
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