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The Great Gatsby Questions Ch.8

1.Gatsby tells Nick the truth about the whole incident with Myrtle, and that he will protect Daisy by saying that it was him to was behind the wheel. 2.Gatsby did not to go back to Oxford because he’s still not reunited with Daisy. 3.George is sitting in chair depressed and moaning “oh my god” as he’s figuring out Myrtle’s secrets and how is it that she died in that tragic accident. 4.Wilson shows Michael a dog leash (that Tom gave her) he found on their bureau. He recalls saying said to Myrtle, "God knows what you've been doing." Then he warns Myrtle, "God sees everything." Wilson makes figures out that something is up because they don't have a dog. 5.Her being wanted by many men and knowing that she was in love with him, one in a million. 6.Nick wasn’t pleased to see Gatsby in his lowest when he tried to show off that he was at the top, and that he faked this image, now Gatsby doesn’t know what to do since he was living in a “fixed” world. 7.the eyes symbolize God looking over a sinful land. In George Wilson's case the faded eyes can symbolize the death of the American dream or the American dream being an illusion to begin with. In either case, poor George Wilson has a life that is full of shattered dreams. 8.Wilson Gets Gatsby's name from Tom, because Wilson sees Tom in a different car than the one that ran over Myrtle. 9.Gatsby is in a poor state of mind since he thinks that Daisy is still waiting for him because he doesn’t want to face reality.
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