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Topics: Gender, Gender identity, Gender role Pages: 9 (2243 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Welty - “One Writer’s Beginnings”
* Excerpt from Welty’s autobiography
* Significance of the title – “one writer’s” rather than “my” – larger purpose to the piece, even though it’s about herself * What her parents read influenced who she read and that influenced her writing * Knows what her parents favourite books are – those help indicate their personalities * “Expressive readers” and direct/indirect meanings (end of par. 1) * The physicality of books is important (par. 10 & 15)

* Children’s books – book translated to “one syllable words” for children * Children don’t always get the morals
* Par. 14 - things children should know
* “I believe the alphabet is no longer considered an essential piece of equipment for traveling through life” (par. 14) * Ending is most creative – trying to show she is a good writer * Main idea of piece – the power of reading to shape a love of words and how parents can influence the love of reading (par. 1) * Par. 6 & 8 – figurative language

* Par. 9 – So many references to build a volume of writing – shows she was inspired by many Atwood - “Nine Beginnings,”
* Nine possible answers to the same question – from different directions – What do the different beginnings contribute to the overall essay? * Each of the nine present its answer, but there is an collective indirect meaning * Interview style piece into essay

* First three are very similar – doesn’t really give answer, gives more questions * Multiple beginnings suggest she may have more to say than she thinks * “Saying you’ll write about your writing is a social obligation. It’s not an obligation to the writing” (par. 3) – doesn’t improve writing, could hinder her writing, people want her secret - she doesn’t know herself * Writing as a vocation (personal), not just a job

* Par. 21 – She does not write to speak for others
* Par. 25 – Gives typical answers, spoofing “why does the sun shine?” – no real, right answer * Any useful advice for her audience?
King - Why We Crave Horror Movies”
* Why can’t we blame horror movies and video games for real-life violence? * King argues that they actually reduce our violent emotions * Cause of watching horror is our innate insanity: “we’re all mentally ill” (par. 1) * Effects (see par. 3, 4, and 5) – Catharsis

* What causes/effects underlie other forms of entertainment? Pollitt - Why Boys Don’t Play with Dolls,”
* Length and method of the introduction – intro ends after par. 4 * Starts off seeming like she’ll argue nature over nurture * Difference between sex and gender – Gender norms; transgender or gender identity disorder * Gender – the assumptions that go along with a sex

* Barbie dolls – What are the standards by which we judge if a toy is good or bad? * Answer to the title question – Androcentric culture
* What is Pollitt’s overall point? Does she mean we should avoid gendering children? * She’s unwilling to look at the biological side
Bettelheim - “Fairy Tales and Modern Stories”
* Bettelheim was a child psychologist
* Definition of a fairy tale - Fantasy vs. realism
* Blocking (subject-by-subject) organization; three subjects * Any flaws with his examples?
– Gender – used all female examples
–Atypical situations – not normal situations
* Could suggest fairy tales are geared towards one gender or affect one gender more than the other * Evaluating the lessons the stories teach
* Little Engine that Could – saying that in this, the woman failing to build a paper house did it poorly and she failed – but that’s not the point or lesson * Swiss Family Robinson – fantasy but cannot be applied to girl’s life, not a modern story, good but not good enough * Rapunzel – girl felt victimized like Rapunzel, filled in characters with family, he says this is better than the “Little Engine” lesson, this has a passive lesson * Average child doesn’t...
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