Effects of Organizational Politics

Topics: Social exchange theory, Exchange, Behavior Pages: 6 (1906 words) Published: August 11, 2012
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ABSTRACT Organizational politics which govern all the workplaces is considered to be an unavoidable factor. Advances in technology and globalization had made our world smaller, politics allows for great opportunities for both collaboration and competition. This enhances the quality of the product of business but may hinder the organizational policies and politics. We examine how much politics is involved in leadership, teamwork and employee efficacy in order to understand the structure of organizations. The study examines the relationship between political behaviors, e.g., structure change ingratiation, cooptation, and threat, and their outcomes such as alienation interpersonal trust, and feeling about job performance. A negative relationship is observed between political behaviors and interpersonal trust and feelings about performance, and a positive relationship is observed between political behaviors and alienation which is hypothesized. Results are largely supported by the hypotheses. A marginal relationship is identified between political behavior and feeling about job performance. Findings are discussed in the light of available research.

INTORDUCTION: Politics is explained as a civil system of power comprising of social groups who attempt to impart their own interests in order to achieve social equilibrium, this ultimately results in a balance of power, or a democracy. It involves the process by which groups and individuals make decisions, which in turn affects a population. The political dimension concerns the social relations involving authority and power, as well as how groups and individuals gain and exercise power. Application of this definition to an organization, we come up with different results every time, seen through how various organizations choose to govern their offices. Organizational politics formally includes the play of board of supervisors; and informally through more cultural office practices, e.g. unquestioned decision-making. The goal of politics in business is determined by the actors in control of the largest amount of power. Organizational politics are the strategies that people play to gain advantage, personally or for a cause they support. The term often has a negative connotation, in that it refers to strategies people use to seek advantage at the expense of others or the greater good. In this context, it often adversely affects the working environment and relationships within in. Office politics which are considered to be good and acceptable on the other hand, help you fairly promote yourself and your cause, and is more often called networking and stakeholder management. Perhaps due to the negative connotation, office politics has a negative image in the minds of people. But in order to get successful, you must navigate the harsh minefield of office politics. If you deny the bad politics other people will take advantage and you will be victimized for it. And if you avoid practicing good politics, excellent opportunities are missed which help to build a bright career and keep you in the top position. BODY OF ORGANIZATIONAL POLITICS: Organizational politics is the usage of power on day to day basis and the body of organizational politics has five key parts in them. * Manipulation

* Issues
* Aims
* Gossip
* Games
MANIPULATION: The word manipulate is defined as to alter something from its original form, in organizational politics manipulation is a process or a tool used by workers to...
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