Effects of Exercise on Different Body Systems

Topics: Muscle, Physical exercise, Strength training Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Effects Of Exercise in Differents Body Systems

Cardiorespiratory System - The vital capacity of the lungs can be increased though regular aerobic exercise. This makes the oxygen exchange system more efficient (Pangrazi, et al. 1997. p.322). Circulatory System - Heart rate, stroke volume, cardiac output, and blood pressure increase significantly during resistance exercise. The blood pressure response increases nonlinearly with the magnitude of active muscle mass and is higher during the eccentric phase, especially at the sticking point of an exercise (Baechle, et al. 2008. p.110). Muscular System - Muscular exercises should apply resistance through the full range of motion in order to maintain maximum flexibility. Strenous exercise such as weight lifting should be done every other day so that the muscle have an oppurtunity to heal and regenerate. Maintainly muscular strenght throughout life is important. If exercises are not done to maintain strenght, atrophy will occur rapidly (Pangrazi, et al. 1997. p.318). Skeletal System - Joints are where two or more bones are fastened together by ligaments to allow movement that is restricted by the range of motion. The range of motion at various joints can be increased by regularly performing flexibility exercises. The most flexible people have the greatest range of motion combination of joints (Pangrazi, et al. 1997. p.317). Digestive System - The amount of exercise we get dramatically change the total number of calories we burn each day. The best approach to weight loss is a gradual one. Nutritionist recommend caloric intake by a small amount each day while gradually increasing physical activity. Your best strategy is a healthful diet combined with moderate exercise. (Johnson 2006. p.333). Excretory System - Exercising your excretory system is vital to keeping it healthy and working to its full potential. You must exercise all the parts of it--your liver, kidneys, lungs and skin (Daniels nd.)

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