Distribution Channel Questionnaire

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Questions to Marketing Manager

1. What kind of a bulk breaking strategy is followed by Sony to reduce the cost to the end user? 3

2. What type of channel intensity is followed by Sony? 2.

3. What kind of strategy if followed by Sony in case immediate unforeseen delivery of products is required? 4

4. Sony prefers direct dealing and distribution to its customers or through dealers? 1.

5. Which is the most important parameter for Sony out of the following? 5 a.Reduced Waiting time
b.Choise to the consumer
c.Place utility
d.After Sale service support

6. Does your organization have any specific resource/working post to manage only channel flow for your organizations distribution network? 6

7. From the past experience/knowledge from your organization, how much time does it take to design a channel flow. What tools and techniques are applied by your organization to design channel flow for distribution? 7

8. Does your organization face any issues in information flow from its distribution channel? How frequently do they occur or detected? What were the solutions applied to some of these issues in the past (say in past 6 months)? 8

9. How many and at what stages does your organization use warehouses before products finally reaches store shelves? 9

10. How many third parties are involved to get goods from factory to final store(s)? When a third party is involved who bears the loss/damage of goods during transit? Is this decided by third party or are there any policies in place by the manufacturer? 10

11. How does your organization manage reverse logistics? Does your organization employ any third party to take care of reverse logistics or is completely handled by the organization? 14

12. What tools and techniques are used by your organization to define the roles of each channel members? 11

13. Has your organization done any prominent vertical integration in distribution in recent years (say past 4-5 years)? 12

14. How do you manage your multichannel shopping facilities that you provide your consumers?

15. What percentages of direct channeling and indirect channeling you incorporate in your distribution model? Any differential advantage you see by following this strategy?

Do you see any conflicting situation while managing your different channels of distribution? 22

16. Does your company provide spatial convenience to its customers and what is the waiting delivery time for various products in the outlet?

17. Any IT initiative your company has in streamlining the distribution system. Please share. 15

Remove Q16. As spatial convenience automatically gets cleared when we come to know about its various mass distribution or online distribution strategy….Asking waiting delivery time is vague…It will obviously vary with different channels….Include Q17 only.

18. For minimizing duplication of activities/functions, elimination of wastages and enhancement of productivity across distribution activities, what initiatives your firm has taken or taking to maintain good channel relations? 16

19. Are you aware about the partnership marketing and/or integration of value chains for gaining and sustaining competitive advantage? 17

20. Have you come across any minor/major conflict between your various channel members? If so what is the status of such conflicts and is it tackled accordingly or is still affecting the performance level? Where in the channel do you think it is more prevalent or among whom it is more often seen and needs due care?18

21. What do you think about as to how such problems crop? Is there any solutions to tackle it and if it appears difficult to implement then why so?19

22. Does your company put emphasis on clear cut distribution of role, resources and power within your channel relationships? Is it having proactive conflict resolution strategies in line?20

23. Have you ever...
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