diseases in spain

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Notes on diseases in Spain
Legionnaires Disease
Legionnaires Disease broke out in July 2001, in Murcia, Spain. They had more than 800 suspected cases, 449 cases were confirmed to be Legionnaires. This was the world’s largest out break, with 16,000 infected, back in this century. Before 2001 no one in Spain knew what Legionnaires Disease was. More recent was in August 2013, in Spain, when 18 people were infected, and 4 became fatal. Spain has shut down many touristy hotels because of this ongoing outbreak. February 2012, three Britons die from an outbreak in a resort in the outskirts of Madrid. For Legionnaires Disease the symptoms do not come right away, so this makes it easier for the disease to sneak up on your Immune System. Legionnaires cannot spread from person to person; airborne droplets from contaminated water transmit it. Legionnaire is a bacterial infection, so scientist in Spain, and all over the world are in the process of making an antibiotic. Legionnaire typically causes phenomena, but may also involve other organ systems.

A father of two children in Spain got a more deadly case of Tuberculosis. This man got a mutated version where it is drug-resistant. The doctors say he will die of this because of its deadly features. In Spain recent studies have shown that Tuberculosis is now one of the first symptoms of HIV/AIDS. Tuberculosis has become such a big problem in Spain; Spain’s government has offered all patients with Tuberculosis the treatment. Now all over the world there is increasing of drug-resistant types of Tuberculosis, this is becoming a problem for non-wealthy countries. At the height of the HIV epidemic, 49 Tuberculosis cases were reported. This means that HIV and Tuberculosis are somehow connected in the pathogens DNA.i

Successes in Spain’s History
HIV/AIDS is a disease known worldwide. One of the reasons it is so well known is because your immune system is mostly not strong enough to fight off such a...
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