Disease in Skeletal System

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Diseases in the Bone:

|Diseases: |Cause |Symptoms |Treatment | |Osteoporosis |Loss of bone mass, ageing, bone density decrease, |Fracture (often first sign), |Lifestyle changes – increase | | |weakened bones, menopause (drop in oestrogen), bone |symptoms are not very |calcium intake, vitamin D | | |tissue and minerals are gone before they have time to |noticeable, bones can break |production and exercise. Quit | | |replace them [CHealth Menopause – Osteoporosis Fact |under slight pressure, chronic|smoking (for smokers) and lessen | | |Sheet (link under table)], lifestyle factors, body type,|back pain, may have little or |alcohol intake. (Mostly just | | |lack or exercise and lack or calcium. |no pain if there is just a |prevention). Medications such as | | |[pic] |just a hairline fracture, but |bisphosphonates and selection | | | |things like spinal crush may |oestogen receptor modulators. | | | |be more painful and lead to a | | | | |deformed posture. | | |Osteoarthritis |Gradual change in joints over time, ageing, body weight,|Bone spurs or growths may |No known cure, medication may be | | |genes, injury, having other types of arthritis, |develop,...
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