Development, Planning, Observation and Assessment

Topics: Developmental psychology, Learning, Play Pages: 2 (325 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Development, Planning, Observation and Assessment

Q1 CYP 3.1, AC 3.1
Monitoring methods used for children’s development are observing in order to plan adequately to their individual needs and as early years providers following the EYFS framework which helps us monitor and assess the children.

CYP 3.1 AC3.2
Reasons for children not following the expected pattern of behaviour could be due to a disability so find it hard to access the activities, the child may have a learning difficulties so struggles to learn new skills or concepts, environmental factors such as poor housing, poor diet, emotional reasons such as they have been through a divorce or bereavement, or it could be because of cultural reasons where they experience racism, damaging their self-esteem. Q3 CYP 3.1, AC 3.3

Children with a physical disability may find it difficult to access the activities and play equipment that most children do all the time their physical development, they may find it hard to understand new concepts or learn new skills or solve problems, they may have to repeat activities several times needing extra time and support. They may show difficulties in their social development, sharing or cooperative play. Or the child may have a chronic illness which they miss play sessions regularly. These disabilities would cause significant detriment to the child’s development and learning and so would probably not follow the expected pattern of learning. Q4

CYP 3.1 AC 3.4
Professionals offer different types of intervention when development is not following the expected pattern. The family and child gain support and receive the best care. The support is initially co-ordinated by the in house SENCO, who after discussing with the family would contact appropriate professional(s) Playgroup, parents and the professional work together in order to benefit the child holistically. By the support and intervention given to the child will benefit and improve their learning and...
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