Definitions of Leisure

Topics: Leisure, Ontology, Time Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: March 13, 2013
1. Read carefully all these definitions of Leisure and select the meanings you prefer; then make up your own complete definition and write it down. After reading the definitions of Leisure carefully, the two that I believe are most complete and representative of the concept we nowadays see as Leisure are: “Leisure is a state of mind which ordinarily is characterised by un-­‐obligated time and willing optimism. It can involve extensive activity or no activity. The key ingredient is an attitude which fosters a peaceful and productive co-­‐existence with the elements in one's environment.” Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation/Royal Australian Institute of Parks and Recreation (1980) Recreation Working Paper, Adelaide: ACHPER Publications, p 3. This definition of Leisure clearly depicts the subjectivity of Leisure, it also defines Leisure as “a state of mind” and shows how essential Leisure is to human beings. “Leisure is considered primarily as a condition, sometimes referred to as a state of being, an attitude of mind or a quality of experience. .. It is distinguished by the individual's perceived freedom to act and distinguished from conditions imposed by necessity. .. It is assumed to be pleasurable and, although it may appeal because of certain anticipated benefits, it is intrinsically motivated: it is an end in itself and valuable for its own sake.” Grant Cushman and Allan Laidler (1990) Recreation, Leisure and Social Policy. Occasional Paper No. 4, Canterbury, NZ, Dept of' Parks, Recreation & Tourism, Lincoln University, p.1. This second definition has a lot in common with the previous one. It also refers to Leisure a “state of mind” and adds that it is perceived differently by all. It is shows the essentialness of Leisure by referring to it as: “intrinsically motivated”. My own definition of Leisure is:

Leisure is a state of mind, an attitude that allows individuals to feel completely free of all...
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