Death of a Salesman

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What is a dramatic monologue?

A poem in the form of a speech or narrative by an imagined person, in which the speaker inadvertently reveals aspects of their character while describing a particular situation or series of events.

TASK: You will write a dramatic monologue from the perspective of one of the following secondary characters: Linda, Biff or Happy. As an audience member, we do not have as much insight into these particular characters. Through this dramatic monologue exercise, you will be able to give more voice to one of these characters…therefore giving them more power and influence within the text.

Your monologue will reveal insights into the character you choose such as:

• Their inner most thoughts, feelings and emotions
• Their dreams, hopes or desires, fears
• Character motivations
• Alluding to conflict or struggles with other characters • Symbols that reflect their character

Specific Instructions:
- Your dramatic monologue (poem) will be approximately 20 lines, consisting of approximately 10 syllables per line. (If unsure of how many syllables a particular word has, you can look this up in the dictionary). - Your poem makes use of some internal and/or end rhyme

- However, you are asked to make use of at least 4 different literary devices throughout your poem (be sure you know the difference between a literary term and literary device). At the end of your assignment, indicate on your page what literary devices you have used. - **On the due date, you will be asked to read a portion of your monologue aloud in the persona of your character** - You are aiming to be as creative, detailed and original as possible.

DUE DATE: October 10th, 2012. Attach the rubric to your final product. Rubric
|CATEGORY |Level 1             |Level 2 |Level 3 |Level 4 | |Knowledge and Understanding| | | | | |(of character’s |Shows limited |Shows some |Shows considerable |Shows insightful | |personality, motivations, |knowledge and |knowledge and |knowledge and |knowledge and | |and attitudes, etc.) |understanding of |understanding of character|understanding |understanding of character| | |character | |of character | | |/ 10 | | | | | | | | | | | |Thinking |Uses creative thinking |Uses creative thinking |Uses creative thinking |Uses creative thinking | |Use of creative |processes in developing|processes in developing |processes in developing |processes in developing | |thinking processes |character with limited |character with some |character with |character with a high | |to demonstrate interesting |effectiveness |effectiveness |considerable effectiveness|degree effectiveness | |'insights' into | | | | | |character) | | | | | | |Showing originality and| | | | | |creativity through | |Showing originality and...
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