Crowd Bullying

Topics: English-language films, Irving Thalberg, Metaphysics Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Have you ever thought of tying up someone’s feet and buckle them upside down? Imagine being stuck in that particular matrix situation forever? I pity you if you have. For some reason, the folks at the back of a queue just can’t resist invading your personal space, as if moving forward an inch will somehow catapult them to the front of the queue! I mean I can understand how impatient people can be at times but simply waiting in a line at the bank without banging up against the person in front of them they can get there more effectively. Their pushing and shoving won’t. Believe it or not, this kind of behavior is usually not caused by human malice or some secret society of perverts who are in to rubbing against people’s back. Instead it works like this: you are standing in front of a big crowd and there is a lot of free space around you, so you move forward slightly because hey, why not? It’s a free space except that you have just started an Indiana jones’ technique of rolling a heavy bolder of sack. Those standing behind assume that since more space is being created ahead of them, they should move too. The whole crowd rolles ahead almost like a massive Persian rug sloping down steep hill… It’s this lack of invisibility that’s also responsible for the crowd stampeding like a herd of bison ; snowballing straight ahead and there is poor me existing like a tiny speck ready to be powdered into tiny molecules! When we observe situation like this we tend to imagine greed, mass panic, angry hooligans or football fans as some may call them. I would say crowd stampede is a death trap with all pushing with full force ahead without a care for the lone sufferer in front of them. Meanwhile the oblivious people at the back are still pushing forward. And if you are the unfortunate little speck at the front forget it you don’t stand a chance of survival! So choose your place wisely next time you are in a queue…
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