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Topics: Agriculture, Sustainability, Sustainable agriculture Pages: 3 (419 words) Published: January 7, 2013
COURSE TITLE: AEC1 (Agricultural Extension Communication)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Principles and methods of extension communication in agriculture


At the end of the course, the student should be able to:
1. describe the nature, scope and function of agricultural extension in the context of changing Philippine agriculture 2. explain how agricultural extension function effectively and efficiently to achieve its goal of helping improve the level of living of families in rural areas; and 3. discuss prospects and opportunities for professional development and service in the field of agricultural extension.


I. The Context of Extension
A. Population and Agricultural Production: Global and Country Statistics B. Agricultural Modernization and Development
C. Sustainable Agricultural Development
D. Philippine agriculture over the years
II. Agricultural Extension: An Intervention for Sustainable Development E. Historical Antecedents of Agricultural Extension
F. Extension in Europe and in the USA
G. Extension in the Philippine Setting
H. Extension in State Colleges and Universities
III. Practice of Agricultural Extension
I. Roles and functions of the Extension Worker
J. Principles of Extension
K. Extension Teaching Methods and Techniques
L. Approaches in Extension
M. Communication in Extension
N. Diffusion and Adoption Process
O. Target Categories in Extension
P. Adult Teaching and Learning
Q. Program Planning and Evaluation

IV. Prospects and Opportunities in Agricultural Extension


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BONIFACIO, M. F. 1992. Images of Agriculture: Issues, problems and trends in technology transfer. Los Baños, Philis. PCARRD.

CONTADO, TITO. 2002. Summary of Extension Papers of DA...
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