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Topics: Geography, University of Oxford, University of Waterloo Pages: 9 (2377 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Geography 101: Geography and Human Habitat
(Winter 2013)
Department of Geography and Environmental Management
University of Waterloo
|Instructor: |Dr. Khan Rubayet RAHAMAN | |E-mail:  | (Email Subject: “GEOG 101”) | |Class Hours: |T, Th 2:30-3:50 PM | |Classroom: |Davis Center (room no: M3 1006) | |Office Hours:  |Tuesday 12:30-2:20 PM (room no: will be announced) | |Teaching Assistants |To be announced | |Prerequisites |None | |Course Website |Located via Learn UW |

An introduction to human geography through a survey of some of the concepts, methods, techniques and applications of geographic analysis to the human cultural environment. Directed towards people-land and location analysis themes.

Course Objectives
. To situate human geography within the broader discipline of geography. . To provide an overview of the major themes and fundamental concepts in human geography. . To illuminate and contrast human geography theory with real-world examples and case studies. . To introduce how personal and sociocultural characteristics guide understanding and behaviour regarding geographical potentials and limits. . To provide a foundation for future study and research with a geographical connection.

Overarching Goal
By the end of this course, students will have a foundational basis for further study of human geography as well as an appreciation of the diversity of topics available for consideration, whether in the classroom &/or in life.

Course Organization
The textbook provides the course organization, and structures the sequencing of course topics. The fundamentals of human geography are explored in the first part of the course, followed by an examination of cultural aspects of human geography. The geographic basis of patterns of human economy is explored next, followed by analysis of development patterns and processes, and urbanization. The course concludes with an analysis of how concepts of geography will be applied in the future.

Required Reading
William Norton, (2010), Human Geography – Seventh Edition (With DVD), Oxford University Press, Canada.

Where can I find this book?
UW Bookstore (South Campus Hall)
UW Library (Reserves, Dana Porter Library)
UW Used Bookstore: (Student Life Center - Lower level, check number of copies available at (Please note that this text was used in W’10 and copies of this text may be available at the Feds Used Bookstore.)

University and Instructor Policies

Attendance in class is at your discretion. However, there is often extra content in the notes displayed in class vs. the notes posted on the course webpage (E.g. discussion points or questions asked of the class, graphics-heavy images such as maps or diagrams), and all in-class discussions are valid “testable” materials. Also, all guest lecture materials and A/V materials (e.g. DVDs screened in class) are valid, “testable” materials, so complete notes should be taken for each lecturer and each DVD screened. For these reasons,...
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