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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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LJP : (Summary)

Week 1
* HUMANS POSSESS: health, happiness equality acceptance, success, wealth * WHAT IS LAW?
* Authority, social cohesion, boundaries, rules and regulations, legislation, institutions, legal actors, language, narrative, history, discipline, discourse, processes * Procedural: way you are treated during a trial

* Substantive: outcome

Week 2
* Central to human condition: downfall, accomplishments, past/present/future. (eg. Climate change: cause and reforms) * Power to do something
* Power over something or someone
* “will to power”- based on driving force of human existence (eg. Inward (obsession with body weight)/outward) * THREE DIMENSIONS OF POWER:

* 1 Dimension (visible): overt, hierarchical (eg. Suddam Hussein. Hitler) * 2 Dimension: subtle techniques of influence or coercion (eg. Organic shampoo ad)- influence, control, power * 3 Dimension (invisible): domination that is difficult to measure or identify – hidden, insidious. (eg. Marxism, communism, poverty, ideology) * WHO: actor centered theory of power (celebrity products/people)

* Interested in institutional and disciplinary power as “ regimes of truth” (the DE individualism of power) * Concerned with the institutional and disciplinary power we have – not just on the individual * Mechanisms of power is more important than individuals (who has) power “…individuals are the vehicles of power, not its points of application” * He saw power as net like, as diffusible, not specific to anyone, as shift and discourse * FOUCAULT AND DISCOURSE

* Language plays a major role in constituting social subjects and their relation (method of communication) * “Discourse” – how things are thought and talked about/ the...
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