Corporate Social Responsibility

Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Social responsibility, Socially responsible investing Pages: 60 (20490 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Does CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) help firms increase sales and contribute increasing market share in retail sector? CSR - A new business strategy!

A Dissertation


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This dissertation explores the relevance of social corporate responsibility (CSR) to business operations for the purpose of determining its effect on increased sales and increased market share. Companies adopt CSR program to establish an orderly work environment that is conducive to full production efforts and at the same time taking care of the community’s social needs to the best of its financial ability. They need to devote time to the program to inculcate in the minds of community stakeholders about the companies’ desire to uplift living conditions or improve working standards as long as the end-result is work efficiency and productivity in its fullest extent.

Most of the literature reviewed pertains to issues affecting the internal component of every business and this is so because organizations or business entities need to be concerned of its internal environment to ensure a smooth workflow in all activities. However, a social responsibility also encompasses the living conditions of everyone outside of the work environment but strategically located in the nearby areas or within the company’s jurisdiction. There is a need to correlate the importance of CSR in achieving company aims such as increasing sales and market share to fully appreciate its importance on business operations on a sustainable basis.

Does CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) help firms increase sales and contribute increasing market share in retail sector? CSR - A new business strategy!

Table of Contents
1.1 Aim7
1.2 Objectives7
1.3 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)7
1.4 Corporations are part of society9
1.5 The effects of organizational activity10
1.6 The principles of CSR11
1.7 Social Contract15
1.8 Index of Abbreviations15
2.1 Changing emphasis in companies17
2.2 Sustainability17
2.3 Recognizing CSR18
2.4 Environmental issues and their effects and implications19
2.5 Externalizing costs20
2.6 Globalization20
2.7 Competition21
2.8 Is Globalization an opportunity or threat for CSR?25
2.9 CSR in not for profit organizations28
2.91 Distinguishing features of the sector29
2.92 Types of NFP organization29
2.92.1 Public bodies29
a. Quasi-public body30
b. Educational institution30
c. Charity30
2.92.2 Motivation for NFP’s30
3.1 Implications for managers32
3.2 Available resources33
3.3 Structure of a charity34
3.4 Ultra vires34
3.5 Intra vires34
3.6 Accounting issues35
3.7 CSR issues in NFPs36
3.8 Research Philosophy36
4.1 Purpose of Research37
4.1.1 Exploratory research37
4.1.2 Descriptive research37
4.1.3 Explanatory research38
4.2 Research Approach38
4.3 Research Strategy39
4.3.1 Experiment40
4.3.2 Survey40
4.3.4 History41
4.3.5 Case study41
4.4When to use each strategy41
4.5 Sample Selection42
4.6 Data Collection Method43
4.7 Primary and Secondary Research43
4.8 Data Analysis44
4.9Quality Standards44
4.9.1 Reliability and Validity44
5.1 Company background45
5.2 Reasons for PwC to engage in CSR46
5.3 The application of CSR at PwC47
5.4 The correlation between CSR engagement and financial performance at PwC51
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